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 Who we are

AmamItalia is an Online Platform where you can take Online Italian Classes, as well as use our free resources to practice the language and discover the country through its culture: art, cinema, history, food, traditions, sport and much more.

We make your learning experience easy, comfortable, and motivating!

We also provide you with professional and accurate Spanish and English to Italian Translations, Revision and Proofreading services.  

❈ What we do for you

Online Italian Lessons

Funny, comfortable and customizable lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced students

Translations and proofreading

We translate your documents, technical texts, essays, webpages, etc. from Spanish and English to Italian

Free Videos

A fast and easy way to learn more about Italian language and culture and practice your skills

Italian Culture

Choose the subject that you love (literature, music, art, history, sport, etc.) and learn with passion and enthusiasm

Practice with other students

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to learn, make questions, comment, talk, exchange ideas with other students passionate about Italy, just like you!

 Exams preparation 

We help you to ace your university Italian exams and to get your Official Italian Language Certificate (CILS, CELI, PLIDA Certificate)

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Free Online Resources

Easy and quick online activities to learn the Italian language and culture day by day

Italian Videos

Watch our short videos and learn more about Italian grammar, idioms, culture, and much more

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Best price

On AmamItalia you will find the best price on the market for funny, high- quality lessons


Your goals and needs are my priorities. You tell me what you want to achieve and I'll get you there


You can comfortably learn sitting on your couch and drinking a good cup of coffee


You can choose the day and the time that suits you best and reschedule your lessons

Learning material 

All the learning material is included in the price


My language, my culture, my country are my passions, and I am glad to promote them all over the world