❈ Who I am

"Believe you can and you are halfway there"

The more I travelled the more I realized how the Italian Language and Culture are unique! This is how my journey to become a professional Italian teacher began.

If you love wandering in cobbled, uphill alleys of an old village to get to a Medieval Church; you enjoy listening to the angelic voice of Andrea Bocelli; you care about understanding what kind of pasta best suits with the Carbonara sauce; you like wearing an elegant Italian suit; and if staring at the flawless, realistic curves of the Bernini's sculptures makes your heart beating fast, then I am here to nurture and share with you your passion... and to make you a little bit more Italian 😉.

Because you learn Italian for passion. Because the Italian language is chic.

That's me!
That's me!



Let's start our journey!
Let's start our journey!
My home village: Terranova da Sibari, Calabria, Italy
My home village: Terranova da Sibari, Calabria, Italy

Ciao a tutti! 

My name is Rossella. 

I graduated from the University of Pavia (Italy) and hold a Bachelor's Degree in Humanities and a Master's Degree in Italian Philology: Science of Literature, Theatre and Cinema.

After having done a traineeship in an Italian Language Institute in Spain, I was sure what my mission was: to share with enthusiastic individuals my love for my own country, language and traditions.

Therefore, I decided to specialize in this field and took an International Certificate as a Teacher of Italian as a Second Language (DITALS I).

This is what I made in the meanwhile:

  • I volunteered for an Italian School for immigrants and refugees in Italy
  • I worked as Italian Grammar, History, Literature and Geography Teacher and Team Coordinator in an Italian High School
  • I worked at the Volksuniversiteit in the Netherlands
  • I volunteered (and still doing) as a Translator and Project manager for a wonderful non-profit community
  • I also started giving online lessons and then created this little Online Italian World.

So, if you really want to take the leap and learn the most charming language on earth, then you're in good hands, and I'm thrilled to walk this path together.