Schedule your Lessons

Do you already have a Package? Here you can schedule your lessons 

Download the file below to see how to schedule your lessons


  • Click on "+ Google Calendar" at the bottom right corner of the Calendar below.
  • This will allow you to add the AmamItalia Availability Calendar to your own Agenda.
  • From now on you can schedule the lessons directly from your Google Calendar Agenda.

  • Click on "Add": the availabilities will be visualized in your Agenda
  • Choose the day, click on "This calendar's appointment page": you will be directed to another page
  • Here you can choose the time* that you prefer and click on "Save". Your lesson is scheduled!

              *Google Calendar adjusts for your time zone 

Download the file below to see how to cancel and reschedule a lesson

If you need help, send us a message and we'll get back to you soon

We will respond within 24h